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Inclusive play for all Children


A Bit About Us

Bubble Creek Children's Museum will provide a safe, fun, educational environment where all children can engage in play, science education and community stewardship.


Making A Difference

In Dallas/Ft. Worth, there are not enough venues where children and families from all backgrounds and abilities can play together and support each other. 


Kids Drawing

Through the years I've observed that most museums cater to an older audience. My students were not inspired by walking around displays- which made for an expensive and empty museum trip. I also noticed that it was hard for children with special needs to engage in inclusive play.

#playfor all

Happy Boy

It is my goal to change the museum experience through active, inclusive play for children of all physical and cognizant capabilities.  For example, tandem swings and quieter sensory areas. Additionally, the infant area will be used a new mothers' support area to help fight post-partum depression. 


Science Courses

Exhibit Design

Bubble rooms, water tables, make-believe stores, bird aviary and creature encounters, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, pollinator garden and koi pond. More to come!


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